Take Your Business to All New Levels of Success!

Dear Success-Seeker,

There is something that you and I share in common; we both know that there is a way for you to take things to a new level of success. Whether you’re looking to improve your income, build your business, start a new business, or you’re looking to achieve a better position in your career, coaching can help you breakthrough to the next level.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching more than 2,000 people, 1-on-1, in just the first 3 years of my coaching career, which began in 1997. That experience taught me that no matter what it is you’re facing right now, you can get past it and not just survive it, but thrive because of it. In other words, every experience has value, if you choose to look for it.

Since I began coaching professionally in 1997, I’ve personally coached thousands of business owners from all over the world in all areas of business. My work has included coaching every type of business in many varied industries from single-owner enterprises to companies earning more than $250 million per year.

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you to see the value in every situation, it allows you to see your situation through a fresh set of eyes, without all of the emotion and drama that often makes it hard to see past whatever it is you’re facing.

While I’ve coached people from every imaginable walk of life, my passion is in working with business owners and entrepreneurs because I share in their passion for building a more successful enterprise.

Is Coaching Really the Answer?

Nobody gets to the top by themselves. Ask anybody who has made it and what you’ll find is that every single one of them has a team that helped them rise to the top. Their team is made up of not just workers, but also of advisors, visionaries, and yes, coaches too.

Your coach is a person who can provide incredibly valuable insights into your situation and give you specific strategies for taking things to the next level. As a coach, I know what it takes to succeed, and I can see very quickly and clearly what has been stopping you, holding you back, or simply interfering with your success. And I can help you breakthrough those barriers and get on with living life at a higher level by leveraging my own personal experience in working with thousands of people over the course of my career.

Yes, I have pretty much seen it all and have found real solutions for every imaginable situation!

What Kinds of Things Can I  Help You With?

Here is just a short list of the areas that I am able to provide solid, reliable, actionable support for you:

– Marketing (online and offline)
– Planning
– Promotion and Advertising
– Public Relations
– Copywriting (sales letters, Internet copy, e-mails, books, product pages, etc. )
– Selling
– Product Development
– Graphics
– Book Publishing and Distribution
– Video Production, Online Webcasts, Teleseminars
– Seminars and Seminar Production
– Radio and Podcasting
– Audio CD Production and Distribution
– DVD production and Distribution
– Internet Video Production and Distribution
– Media: Radio, Television, Print, Electronic
– Websites and Blogs
– E-Commerce
– Relationships (both professional and personal)
– Team Building and Motivation
– Professional Speaking and Presenting
and more!

Click Here to see a more complete list of the areas that I am able to assist you with.

As you can see, I’ve got a lot of experience in many areas and there is nothing in life that makes me happier than being able to share my skills, knowledge and experience with my coaching clients! Go ahead ask me your toughest questions, give me your biggest challenges, and let me work with you to develop a solid, actionable strategy for dealing with it starting right now!

What makes me different from most other coaches in the market today is that I walk the talk. I’m also a business owner who must pay for an office, create products, market my products, build a list, deliver seminars, write and publish books, record audio and video productions for the web and for DVD use, and I’ve got to both build and maintain nearly 150 web sites of my own. Everything I can teach you, I am involved in on a regular, often daily basis.

That is the kind of coach I would want to hire for my business and I often do hire coaches to help me get “unstuck” so I can keep moving my business forward! And yes, I do HIRE and PAY FOR my own coaches since it is simply not possible to get to where I’m going without their help.

I believe very strongly in the coaching model and I know that when you work with me as your coach, you will get results you can measure.

Professional Coaching Packages

Coaching Sessions typically last from 60 to 90 minutes each and are always recorded so you do not need to worry about catching every point in your notes during the session. I believe in results more than I believe in watching the clock, which is why I offer coaching that is not tied to a specific time, but instead tied to getting a result in every session.

You should expect that each coaching session will deal with at least one key issue that you’d like to resolve, and I will work with you for as long as it takes to find that resolution. You will come away with actionable steps to take between our coaching sessions.

The process of working together each week will create momentum and you will see greater and greater results as we continue to work together. My personal recommendation is that you consider enrolling in at least my 12-week coaching program.

Standard Coaching Package – 6-Week Program

The Standard Coaching Package gives one coaching session a week over the telephone. This is a great package if you’ve never before tried coaching or if you only have one key issue you’d like to resolve. If you find that you are enjoying the process and wish to continue, you will be able to upgrade your enrollment to a higher level coaching package.

Every session is recorded and an MP3 file is sent to you within a few hours.

Your Investment: $3,500


Premier Coaching Package – 12-Week Program

The Premier Coaching Package gives you the best option to reach your goals the fast. You’ll receive 1 coaching call per week and assignments for you to complete between sessions. This coaching program is designed to help you to build momentum and is by far the most effective coaching package for business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level in the shortest amount of time possible.

Every session is recorded and an MP3 file is sent to you within a few hours.

Your Investment: $5,000


Executive Coaching Package – 26-Week Program

The Executive Coaching Package is perfect for more established business owners who are looking for a longer-term relationship that will allow for much deeper advice and assistance from Robert. This package can either be set up for weekly coaching sessions, or extended to 1 session every 2 weeks, which will effectively make this a year-long program. You will have unlimited e-mail access to Robert during the course of this program.

Every session is recorded and an MP3 file is sent to you within a few hours.

Your Investment: $10,000


If you would prefer to speak with me prior to choosing a coaching package, you may call my office at 760-689-2877.

Please note that our time on this call can only be used to help you in choosing the correct coaching package and we will NOT discuss solutions to your situation as that is what my coaching packages are designed to accomplish.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your Motivation Coach

P. S. You are encouraged to fill out and submit an application for coaching, however, it is possible that we may not always be able to start coaching immediately as my schedule does fill up. If that happens, you will be placed on a waiting list and I will contact you as soon as I have a space available for you. Click Here to request a coaching application now.